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GSHM: Kaleidoscope-like annual conference, a learning lecture hall

Time:2011/5/26 Correspondent:Chen Xiao, Yang Xiao From:Grand Skylight Hotel Management Company

(Correspondent: Chen Xiao, Yang Xiaodan, Xu Shiming, Liu Jiawen, Wang Xiaoke) Following the HR & Training & Quality Inspection Annual Conference in April, the Company convened the annual conferences of finance system, marketing & sales system and guest room affairs system successively in May.

The annual conferences gather the elites and backbones of the membership hotels in each system, providing an opportunity for them to "study, research, innovate and improve".

During the annual conferences, existing problems in work were discussed, SOP Handbook was pondered over for further improvement and revision and the best practices were shared with all hotels. This made annual conference a large stage for all employees to learn, explore and make innovation.

On the other hand, the hotel undertaking annual conference regards the conference as an opportunity for it to display its excellent services. During the reception at annual conferences, the hotel fully displays its creativity and grasps and well plans each detail so as to enable all colleagues of other membership hotels and head office of the Company to experience its enthusiasm, excellence, intimacy and considerate thinking as a host.

During the finance annual conference, the philosophy was "to make clear where we are before planning where we will go", and the philosophy universally recognized by housekeeping system was that "to select to do correct things before doing things correctly". During the sales annual conference of this year, learning atmosphere was extremely dense. "Consolidating foundation and increasing income from diverse sources" was the theme of the annual conference. During HR & Training & Quality Inspection Annual Conference, a participant said that, "this is a party of soul and communication sharing different 'colors and clouds' in 'family' cultural atmosphere."

The skillful and considerate hotel arrangement by the host also made attendees feel comfortable and cozy in busy conference. Grand Skylight Gardens Hotel Shanghai prepared the tea break of garden, British and Southeast Asia style, which coupled with elaborative Chinese and Western food, made tea break a wonderful experience. At Sunflower Apartment, "sunflower seeds" prepared small plastic bag to put cell phone into it, in order to prevent the steam of small hotpot and vegetable juice from dipping on the cell phone. Their careful and considerate service made everyone feel very warm.

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